Stop: ‘Pori’ beach

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Pori beach is the third stop of the launch.

The beach is particularly idyllic and its horseshoe shape makes you feel the warmth of an embrace.
A sandy beach, particularly recommended on days of southerly or westerly winds.
Here you will find two cafe-restaurants ready to serve you at any time.

From the small jetty where the launch will drop you, 250 meters to the right you will find the striking beach Tripiti or Gala. This is a large hole in the ground containing a beach. The beach was named Gala (milk) on account of the dust falling from the surrounding rocks into the water and giving it the characteristic milky hue.

A few meters away from Pori beach is the bay of Xylobati, with two small caves which you can visit by swimming there. One of them has two entrances and the other one has a small sandy beach inside.

If the fancy takes you to take a little walk, you can visit the cave To mati tou diavolou just 350 meters away on the coastal path to the south of the beach. This is a cave with a hole inside, which communicates with the sea. You can enjoy the sight but it is in advisable to swim there. The current makes the sea water rise to the top of the cave and then sucks it down again. Both the sight and sound are eerie and striking.

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