Stop: ‘Panagia’

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At this, the first stop of the launch, you will find yourselves in the now uninhabited hamlet of the island.

As you face the beach, on your right you will encounter the Holy Virgin’s chapel. It was built in 1561, under Ottoman rule, and since 1970 the structure has been undergoing improvement through the contributions of the inhabitants of Koufonissi. Every year on August 15 the little church celebrates. A great feast is set up outdoors while the fishing boats keep carrying people from Pano Koufonissi for the pilgrimage and the feast.

If you keep walking past the chapel, after about 1300 meters you will get to Kastelli beach.

Alternatively you can turn left and enter the old hamlet, where you will see the tavern Venetsanos. In its lovely cool courtyard you can have a rest, cool down or taste local delicacies.

If you walk past the tavern you will come to another beach, Laki. The sea is a lovely aquamarine colour and as it is in a bay, it is always protected from the wind.

Another 900 meters further on, you will find Detis beach. Sandy, with crystal clear waters and quiet.

2nd Stop: Nero