A day trip and exploration on Kato Koufonissi

Photo of Exploration on Kato Koufonissi

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If you wish to enjoy Kato,Koufonissi in all its glory, explore it, feel it and taste it, all you have to do is arrange a day trip there.

For such a trip you need two allies: the weather and proper footwear. You shouldn’t choose a very hot day and you must have proper walking boots or trainers.
We invite you then on a day trip on which you will have a close encounter with nature in a place where the human hand has left largely untouched.

Since the first service of the launch leaves early in the morning and the last one late at night, all you have to do is get a daily ticket.

You leave on the first boat from the harbour on Pano Koufonissi and enjoy the morning sail to Nero, the second stop of the launch. You get off there (always having seen to the necessary provisions since there is nowhere to buy food or water near the beach) and enjoy swimming and sunbathing until the sun begins to dip westward when you take the path that leads off the beach. You turn right and go on keeping the sea on your right. After about a two-and-a-half kilometer walk on the path you reach the first stop of the launch, the old hamlet, Panagia. At the beginning you will pass the hill called Alonistria (after about 650 metres), where you will see a half-ruined stone building, which affords a marvelous view.

Walking all that distance you will have the opportunity to pass the other beaches of the island, Detis and Laki and stop for a dive and stop wherever the fancy takes you for a cooling dive.

At the end of the walk you will be able to visit the tavern Venetsanos, to cool down, have a rest or a meal.
You can return to Koufonissi on either the 21: 30 or the 23: 00 service.