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Kato Koufonissi has an area of 4.3 square kilometers.

Although there used to be a hamlet there, it now has no permanent residents, except in summer.
The buildings you will encounter are mainly fishermen’s storerooms and a very few villas.
The oasis of rest on the island is the tavern Venetsanos. Open during the summer months and always ready to quench our hunger or thirst or simply give a cool note to an idyllic environment.
A characteristic sight on the island is the chapel of the Holy Virgin (Panagia), which is on the jetty and built next to the ruins of a Byzantine church. It was built during the Ottoman occupation in 1561

Many couples decide to be joined in matrimony in the chapel of the Virgin on Kato Koufonissi. Here the assistance of the launch is once more invaluable, as, beautifully decorated, it carries newlyweds and guests.
You can sail around the island in the launch, or ask the captain to take you to beaches not accessible on foot.
If you are on the island in August, don’t miss the holy festival of August 15. Most people congregate at the chapel for the pilgrimage.
Afterwards refreshments are offered, made by the local people in honor of the Virgin.
The fishing boats contribute to the festive atmosphere by means of whistles, as they come and go all day carrying the devout.

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