Transportation by Launch

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In 1973, a local man who up till then had been sailing on merchant vessels, Captain Kostas Prasinos, decides to set up a seaworthy wooden fishing boat, ‘Kira Sofia’, to serve the island’s transportation and provisions needs both for the locals and visitors.
‘Kira Sofia’ carries people from and to the ferryboat since there was no harbour and the ferry boat couldn’t berth. It also carries provisions from the boat or Naxos.
Her greatest contribution was the transportation of sick people from Koufonissi and the other small islands around to Naxos where there was a medical centre and an airport to take them to a hospital.

Now Koufonissi has got both a helicopter pad and a harbour so getting here is easy, but in winter adverse weather conditions always cause problems. However, Captain Kostas’ experience and his son’s Roussetos apprenticeship overcome these problems in cases of need thus rendering the launch a godsend for Koufonissi and the other small islands. Kostas Junior is ready to take over as captain. He goes along with his father and observes carefully, promising that the family’s seafaring tradition will go on to the next generation.
Nowadays the term Captain Kostas’ launch refers to more than one vessel.
The launch is an alternative way of getting to the island from Naxos for those visitors who either are based on Naxos or holidaying there, or prefer to come by plane or stop over on Naxos.

In the summer months from May to September, Captain Kostas and Roussetos carry people to the beaches of Pano and Kato Koufonissi every half hour, starting at 09:30 o’ clock.
You can move around from one beach to another all day if the fancy takes you, since the ticket is valid for the whole day.

On Pano Koufonissi
From the harbour to:

1st Stop: Harokopou beach
2nd Stop: Platia Pounda beach
3rd Stop: Pori beach

Visiting Kato Koufonissi
The launch services to Kato Koufonissi also leave from the harbour.

1st Stop: Panagia
2nd Stop: Nero

See the Launch Timetable.