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Pano and Kato Koufonissi both belong to the Small Cyclades island group. Together with Keros and Glaronissi they comprise the Koufonissia municipal department, one of the eleven in the prefecture of Cyclades and comprising besides nine even smaller islets lying here and there around the bigger islands and easily visited in the launch if you feel so inclined.

The archaeological finds suggest that the islands were inhabited even in prehistoric times. There are also finds dating from the time of the Cycladic civilization, Hellenistic and Roman times.
The present day village seems to have been built on the ruins of a Roman settlement which extended as far as Loutra. In St George’s and St Nicholas’ churches you will find various early Christian relics.

In the course of time the islands, along with the rest of the Cyclades, came first under Venetian and then under Turkish rule, until in 1830 they became integrated in the newly-founded Greek state.
The greatest part of the island’s population emigrated to the cities during the years after the Second World War.

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